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Reading at 500 words per minute (wpm)

So for those of you who don’t know me well, I’m dyslexic.  It has always been something I’ve had to battle to overcome.  One trait of this is that I have to internally verbalise each word I’m read.  This results in me reading at a speak I would normally speak – or slower.
So what do you think I thought when reading something that told me I could read at 500 wpm in 5 minutes time?  Yep that’s what I thought too! Yet I am here to tell you I’ve just been reading at500wpm with ease and wishing the demo version of the software would allow me to go faster.

So how?
Spritz is a new method of reading at high speed.  Simply put it displays one or part of a word at a time removing the need for your eyes to move around the screen.  They also give you a focal point keep your eyes fixed and focused allowing you to relax and just absorb the information.
You start out at 250 wpm and work you way up finding an ideal speed for you.  Well within 5 minutes I was reading at 500wpm with ease and enjoyment.  Where was this when I was at university having to read scientific papers??

Now I know that a lot of you will have gotten to this point and will still not believe I read at that speed and understood every sentence.  To you I say give me 2 more minutes of your time as a starter and I bet you’ll end up continuing to try this out!

Go to and click on the white box on the phone to just relax and watch the words.  Then try upping the speed a step at a time.  Once you’re amazed and hooked, try going to the FAQs page and clicking the “click to spritz” button top left.  Amazing isn’t it!

Dear All website and app developers,
PLEASE build this into your website and apps – especially Kindle!!
Tim Smale

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