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PebblePad Midlands User Group 4th December 2014

This is my blog from the PebblePad Midlands User Group meeting on the 4th December 2014.  I will be blogging live and then correcting and cleaning up later on.

Please feel free to comment or share (share as is and with attribution).
Good start to the day – uncomplicated train in to Birmingham New Street followed by a nice walk to Aston University Campus.  After a few laps around the lake (due to inaccurate signage!) I found the conference centre.
Nice surroundings but projector needs replacing / fixing as the centre of the image is distinctly yellow – hope this doesn’t affect my presentation’s visibility.

Phew – Fire drill has been canceled and we’ll not have to vacate the building.

Quick introduction to PebblePad staff – great to put a face to the name.

PebblePad by the sea – Emma Purnell (Plymouth University)

Been using PebblePad in the module for two years.  First year in PP Classic and then moved to the latest version.

Wanted to use the feedback forms and ability to add structure to the students reflections.

Using a nested workbooks.  Started out with only a few menu items on left at the start of term.

Students sharing workbooks amongst themselves.  Used the anonymous peer review tool.
Students were already used to being peer reviewed.

Create a templated portfolio for all three years of nursing course.

Using a webfolio as a Faculty Newsletter running on a public URL.

Staff provided feedback on feedback form and the module leader batch releases these at a set time.
(PebblePad – Could we have a date time to automatically do this?)

Midwifery webfolio assessment – Sarah Snow (University of Worcester)

Lead Midwife. Brought Zoe Barnett (Student) with her.

Using EBL – Enquiry Based Learning.

Given a good background by Sarah of how when they revalidated their course they moved to using PebblePad throughout the course.

In year one they had to produce a Patch assessment – small assessments that connect together to make a larger assessment.  All of this was done in Pebble+ by Zoe but students are allowed to upload as a powerpoint or word document.

[Pebble Learning just hinted that assessor annotation ability might be coming in the future]

Patch application – in a workbook the patches were added on the left menu along with a folio page called commentary which was used to connect the patches and give an introduction and conclusion to the workbook.

Students submit their workbook at the end of the module.

Turnitin did cause some issues as it might not check uploaded documents.  Thus if a student creates work in Word and uploads it’s missed.

PebblePad at the ASA: a journey of change – Tanya Kesterton (ASA)

Amateur Swimming Association

Been using Pebblepad for 2.5 years.
First course Jan 2013.

Created a lot of media to enhance design (images, graphics, videos etc.)

Workbooks changed how they deliver their courses.

Took us through how they designed and laid out their workbook.
Part of the course required learners to create their own webfolio.

Created their own PebblePad Help webfolio.
Within these they provide support on PDF, Video and Video with Subtitles
When they ask the learner to do a task they link them to the specific support pages.

Created a try before you buy Blended Learning webfolio to help simulate the use of PebblePad before learners signed up.  Created simulations in Articulate Storyline.

For the tutors their created a blended learning workbook to train them in how to use it but also how it feels to use PebblePad in a blended learning course.

Getting learners to now use a samsung galaxy tablet – found issues with differences between Flash and HTML version of Pebble+.

Going to share some examples later.

Using digital badges – non verified.

The Implementation and Induction of PebblePad within a HE & Healthcare Setting – Tim Smale (Keele University)

My Presentation:
(ignore the extra slides – they’re for reference if asked)

Great response to presentation – good questions.  One asked about trusting who entered what – PebbleLearning reported that in the January release we’ll have a history and each component of an asset.

Building a community of learning – Phil Weare (Institute of Internal Communication)

Dedicated to the development of internal communication professionals.
Flexible approach to CPD
-Formal courses
-Learning from each other

Created reflective templates and wrapped them up in a workbook for the learner to submit.
Launched in Feb this year.

Listen to audience and use response to finetune pebblepad workflow.
Resources for qualification on PebblePad.

Suggestion for helping new users onto the first rung of the learning ladder is to identify a PebblePad champion peer that can share their assets to others.

PebblePad Updates – John Couperthwaite (Pebble Learning)

Will be starting a North America Operation from January.

New PebblePad Mobile app!!!
January 21st ish launch.
Will provide offline access

New dashboard for pebblepad – this single page application will in the future do everything that pebble+ does.
More details available towards the summer.

Flourish – new development of pebblepad.  Guided development space. Allows a student to have a better dialog with their tutors etc.  Tutors will see a digest of the students work and be able to provide feedback to the student.

Plan to have more regional group meetings – 2 per year per region.  Free events.

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